Index of Zeus-Robotic Library

1. General

The ZeusRobot Library implements basic classes and methods for robots. The current version supports the Lego Mindstorm NXT Robot. The classes allow to control a robot remotely using bluetooth networking from the ZeusBase-Library.

The library contains following sub packages:

  • Lego Mindstorm NXT:
    • Connection class to connect via serial port or bluetooth socket.
    • Motor classes.
    • Sensors (Sonar, Light, Touch, Compass, Sound, Gyro, Tilt, Color)
    • Bus communication to extend with user specific sensors

1.1 NXT Robot

The NXT Mindstorm Robot is designed and developed by LEGO. The standard robot comes with a mindstorm software and a compatible software on the brick. We suggest that the software on the brick should be changed to LeJOS. LeJOS is an open source platform which provides a tiny Java VM for NXT robots.

2. Documentation

There is a complete documentation and explanation of the ZeusRobot-Library available.

The documentation includes:

  • Description of classes and the API you find in the API documentation
  • Code examples
  • Additional information about NXT architecture

2.1 Examples

We implemented an example which shows how a NXT robot can be controled remotely. The connection is realized using bluetooth sockets.

Visit the example website of NXT Control Center.