Index of Zeus-Preception Library

1. General

The Perception Library ZeusImg contains special designed classes for computer perception, witch contains image processing, signal processing and computer vision. The Library uses the ZeusBase-Library and the ZeusMath-Library.

Following sub packages are included:

  • System:

    • Image class containing planes
    • Complex image class (frequency domain)
    • Histograms
    • Handling of image files (DIB).
    • Color spaces (RGB, HSL, HSV).
  • Operators

    • Global
      • FFTOperator
      • IFFTOperator
    • Histogram
      • HistogramOperator
      • ThresholdOperator
    • Local
      • Convolution
      • MorphologyOperator
      • StochasticOperator
  • Processors (as X-Objects for automated image processing):

    • Pixel operations
    • Local operations
    • Global operations
    • Histogram operations
    • Morphology

2. Documentation

We are engineering this library right now. Therefore we have no complete documentation.

Use the API documentation[html].

3. External Libraries

The Zeus Perception library needs external libraries for its full functionality. Following libraries has to be installed in order to use ZeusImg: