Index of Zeus-Math Library

1. General

The ZeusMath Library implements mathematical classes and methods specially designed to handle calculations in a fast an confortable way. This library uses the basic library of the Zeus-Framework, the ZeusBase-Library.

The library contains following sub packages:

  • System:
    • Base classes for mathematical use such as matrix, vectors etc.
    • Classes implementing the Graph-Theorie.
    • Equation solver for linear equation systems
    • FormulaParser and XFormulaAutomaton
    • Unit system manager
    • Constants
  • Stochastics:
    • Distributions such as binomial, normal and poisson distr.
    • Stochastic processes such as Markov Chain
  • Geometry:
    • 3D-vectors, areas, lines
    • Coordinate transformer
  • FuzzyLogic: Implementation of fuzzy logic and fuzzy set.
  • Artificial intelligence
    • Neuronal networks
    • Genetic algorithmes
  • Calculus:
    • Fourier Transformation
    • Integrations and derivations

2. Documentation

There is a complete documentation and explanation of the ZeusMath-Library available.

The documentation includes:

  • Description of classes and the API
  • Code examples
  • Theorie about genetic algorithm and graph theorie

There is some documentation online as well (see below).

Documentation of the Zeus-Math Library [pdf] (in german only)

API documentation[html]

3. Test

The test application [zeusmathTest] was written to test the major classes of the ZeusMath library. The test application needs a CPPUint library witch is included by the project already.