Index of ZeusBase-Library

1. General

The ZeusBase library builts the base of the whole Zeus-Framework and therefore the cell computing applications. It defines the base classes, the interface handling and the platform data types.

It is also very usable for other C++ projects. It extends the STL or BOOST libraries. It wrapps the classes of STL and provides a simple interface to use them.

2. Documentation

There is a complete documentation and explanation of the ZeusBase-Library available.

The documentation includes:

  • Description of classes and the API
  • Code examples
  • Theorie about X-Object and MOM concepts
  • Framework extendsion and configuration

There is some documentation online as well (see below).

Documentation of the Zeus-Framework [pdf] (in german only)

Documentation of the ZeusBase Library [pdf] (in german only)

The API documentation includes only class and code documentation.

API Documentation of the Zeus-Framework [html]

Lots of concepts implemented with Zeus-Framework are taken from RFC, like:

  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.0 (RFC 1945).
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1 (RFC 2616).
  • Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI): Generic Syntax (RFC 2396).

3. Sub packages

3.1 Overview

The class framework includes a large number of classes and tools. They are grouped within packages and modules. The packages are compiled together into one library called ZeusBase-Library. Modules are libraries which are based on the Zeus-Framework but can be exchanged during runtime.

  • xIDL: extended Interface Definition Language
  • System
    • Differnt data types like lists, strings, variant and more
    • Big Integers
    • Streaming. IO Stream classes, filter classes.
    • Serializing of objects
    • X-Objects (XML based object design). [Needs XML_Service-Library]
    • Threading
    • Internationalisation
    • File and Directory classes
    • Logging. [Needs LOG_Service-Library]
    • Settings for applications (Properties, XML)
  • Net
  • Remote
    • Naming service. [Needs NameServer-Library]
    • Base classes for Stubs and Skeletons
    • RMI classes and interfaces
  • Security
    • Security manager
    • Filesystem Access Rights
    • Secure Hash and Fingerprint classes
      • Whirlpool
      • SHA-1
      • SHA-2
      • MD4
      • MD5
    • Encryption and Decryption streams
      • DES and 3DES
      • XTEA
      • RSA
    • Authentication code and methods
      • NTLM
      • HMAC-MD4
      • HMAC-MD5
      • HMAC-SHA1
      • HMAC-SHA2
  • Processing
  • Messaging
    • Message Pool [Needs MessageServer and NameServer]
    • Different message types
  • MOM
    • The MOM 2 implementation
    • Module sessions

4. External Libraries

The Zeus-Framework is built on top of the stl and some other open source libraries:

Some of the packages are optional. To enable the functionality you have to enable the options on your platform include (zeusbase/Config/Platforms/*):

5. Test

The test application [zeusbaseTest] was written to test the major classes of the ZeusBase library. The test application needs a CPPUint library witch is included by the project already. Following libraries are needed to run the test sucessfully:

  • XML_Service
  • NameServer
  • MessageServer
  • TestModule

The test application will be installed in a local [bin]-directory of the project itself.

The test need also following files such as:

  • ./bin/tests/ISO8859-1.txt
  • ./bin/tests/
  • ./bin/tests/Text.txt
  • ./bin/tests/UserData.xml
  • ./bin/tests/UTF16_bigEndian.txt
  • ./bin/tests/UTF16_littleEndian.txt
  • ./bin/tests/XMLFile1.xml
  • ./bin/tests/XMLFile2.xml
  • ./bin/tests/XMLTest001.xml