Pervasive computing deals with the computational power embedded into daily used objects. The focus of this field is to support the user with all those devices by preventing explicitly interacting when doing his task. The system should interact with the human in a rather implicit and non-intrusive way. Since the number of devices and their current context used in human activity is variable the system must be based on a flexible and reliable coordination framework. A good coordination minimizes the explicit and intrusive interaction between humans and computational devices.

The project Cell Computing Model is concerned with a new paradigm of the computer science world. The stability of the biological organisms is examined and transferred partially as new model to computer science. In the today's computer science there are already models like Grid Computing or evolutionary algorithms. They are concerned on similar problems. Contrary to the existing projects, we offer a comprehensive solution, witch is easier and extensible.

Visit the Zeus Pervasive and Cell Computing site for more technical information about the pervasive computing.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create a pervasive platform for application engineers. Therefore we've created a modular and open framework architecture. It supports the engineers in the usage of artificial intelligence, biological behaviours and developing distributed systems in C++, C# and other languages.

The basic modules of our framework can be easily used to develop also common applications for Windows, Mac-OSX and Linux platforms. It provides a hugh pool of standard functionality abstracting the operation system API.